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Let the Winter Games begin!

Lüneburger Heide im Winter

Winter games, Christmas party, incentives

Whether it’s outdoor curling, bosseln (outdoor bowling), a GPS tour, indoor in the Ipad Challenge “Virus Infection”, the construction of marble runways or the creation of a “chain reaction”, we offer you an exciting and fun program!

The small team, the department or even the whole company.  We offer programs for up to 500 people.

Bavarian curling

Bavarian Games in the High North. No problem, we can manage that.

You could also say:”If you can “bosseln”, you can also go curling!

Our new artificial ice rink is looking forward to welcoming you. Roofed and dry and sheltered from wind.

Of course, if it’s cold enough, we’ll also play on our water basin of the tank washer, which hopefully will also be frozen up!

Eisstockschießen im Kletterpark

IPad-Challenge In- und Outdoor

A symbiosis of quiz, exit and location based game

Equipped with an IPad, you are part of a team of investigators looking for the virologist Dr. Robert Sens. He and the antiserum wwweloped by him are urgently needed.  Let’s see which investigation team interprets the clues correctly.

The event takes place indoors and is possible at any venue of your choice.

The classic: Outdoor IPad-Challenge

Fun with added value or “Analogue meets digital”.

The successful combination of local based game, GPS tour, scavenger hunt, rate-quizzes and team tasks. Can be carried out in cooperation or competition mode. Modifiable according to objectives and content.

Equipped with a hat, jacket, gloves and of course an iPad, exciting paths, puzzles and team tasks await you.

Winter Heidjer-Games

Who has the choice has the agony! Here is a selection of possible play stations:

  • Team ski races
  • milking sheep
  • catching heath-snuffle
  • wood saws,
  • horseshoe throwing
  • sledding
  •  sinking nails
  • building towers
  • hitting the lucas
  • farmer’s golf
  • pipeline
  • catching the staff
  • balancing board
Blind und taub  eindeutige Kommunikation
Achtung Bosseln

Bosseln – for non-initiated bowling on the street.

Packed thickly, equipped with a ladder car full of drinks, the camp site Reinsehlen invites you to a round of bosses. Start and finish is the HöhenwegArena climbing park.

Camp Reinsehlen offers ideal conditions for bossing. Plattes Land, a perfect network of paths in and around Europe’s largest lean grassland biotope and a landscape that is also fascinating in winter.

After a briefing, accompanied by a game manager or on your own initiative, the “Games” can be opened!


Still undecided?

We will be happy to help you with all questions concerning your company outing or Christmas party!

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Further great and exciting tasks for team wwwelopment on request!

Winter fun – Christmas party

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