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Experiential education with the Höhenweg Arena


Experiential pedagogical!

Personal development, team skills, social and methodical competence are the learning fields that we would like to work on with and for you and your class with our learning scenarios.

Our offers

Experience, reflect and learn from personal behavior and behavior in dialogue and exchange with the class, in the context of exciting team tasks and learning arrangements, with head, heart and hand.
A condition for a successful transfer of the experiences from the tasks and exercises into a reflected, if necessary changed behavior by the pupils, is the cognitive recording and processing of the experiences made. In our experience, this is only possible for students from the 7th grade onwards. We therefore recommend our “sport pedagogical” offers to pupils from 3rd to 6th grade.
The programmes are individually tailored and adapted to the topics of the class. We have a pool of more than 100 tasks, exercises and learning arrangements for the design of the contents.

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Höhenweg Arena - Sportpädagogisches Programm


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