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Teacher training at Höhenweg GmbH

Übersicht Themen und Inhalte Erlebnispädagogik

Teacher training- Advanced training in experiential education –

In the field of tension between educational goals, the level of development of the pupils as well as the instruments of climbing parks, high ropes course and experiential education, we want to give you an orientation guide so that you can choose the right offer for your pupils.

Contents – Advanced training in experiential education –

1. The diversity of the offer

  • The different types of ropes courses
  • Advantages and disadvantages – Benefits of the different types of ropes courses for your own target group and setting
  • Introduction to safety techniques
  • Supervision levels and security systems
  • Pedagogical recommendations
  • Possible hazards

2. legal situation / supervisory duty

  • Supervision requirements
  • Clarification of the role of the teacher
  • Teaching of basic quality characteristics
  • Construction and operation of high ropes courses

3. organisational matters

  • Checklist for the safe selection of suitable offers?- Planning and organisation for a visit to the high ropes course

4. self-awareness

  • Climbing in the climbing park and high ropes course
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