The safety in the HöhenwegArena has top priority

 Safety has top priority

The combination of:

  • qualified employees
  • the design of the plant and
  • the Climbing and safety equipment

makes it possible for our guests to enjoy a carefree climbing experience that suits their personal interests.


We are a member of the IAPA e. V. (International Adventure Park Association) and work according to their standards. Of course, the construction and operation comply with the DIN standard for ropes courses DIN EN Norm 15567-1 and 15567-2.

Safety  managers, trainers, rescuers and supervisors are always there for you – our guests – giving tips and paying attention to you.

The Safety-System

We have opted for a permanent safety system which guarantees the greatest possible safety against falls from a height and at the same time a flexible use in the selection of tasks in the HöhenwegArena. The safety system consists of two karabiners, which are alternately hooked into the wire ropes tensioned at the stations. There are two special features: On the one hand, the carabiners are connected to each other by a cable pulley. This means that when one carabiner is open, the second carabiner can no longer be opened. On the other hand, the karabiners can only be opened in places where there is a so-called tweezle. The karabiner has the function of a key, so to speak, which allows an opening only at the appropriate lock.

Adequate challenge

Whether in 90 cm or in 30 m height, whether in light or heavy tasks, everyone can find the suitable, appropriate challenge here. There are no prescribed courses. After their personal consideration of courage, strength, endurance and fun, the climbers choose the climbing stations that are most suitable for you.

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