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Our climbing adventure parc – the HöhenwegArena

Europe’s largest climbing park is looking forward to your visit. In the middle of the Lüneburg Heath, surrounded by forest, heathland and savannah landscape, our climbing park offers a fantastic view not only at 30 m height.

Our climbing park offers easy and difficult tasks, low and high climbing stations. There is something for everyone. Certified by Tourismus Marketing GmbH Niedersachsen as particularly child-friendly, we are especially looking forward to welcoming children and families. We have no age or size restrictions. Children from 7-8 years of age can usually climb independently in our climbing park.

Accompanied by Mom and Dad, our youngest guest was just 2.5 years old. Our oldest guest, a Swiss national, celebrated our climbing park at the age of 85. and now our unique selling points at a glance:

  • Number of climbing stations: with over 150 tasks in the HöhenwegArena climbing park and 40 tasks on the Sky Tower, several flying fox and four free-fall rappelling points, a second or third visit is also worthwhile.

  • At a height of up to 30 m it is possible to climb on 6 levels in our climbing park.

  • In the HöhenwegArena climbing park, spectators can walk unsecured through the staircase up to a 100 sqm observation platform at an altitude of 8m or watch the action from our sandy beach in a safe wicker beach chair.

  • The coaches supervise the climbers at eye level. This enables rapid crisis intervention.

  • The safety system used guarantees a continuous safety feature that makes it impossible to unhook, but offers a free choice of route and overtaking possibilities.

  • The Höhenwegarena climbing park does not prescribe a fixed course sequence, which means that you can start and exit at any time.

  • The tasks are divided into four difficulty levels (black/difficult, red/medium difficulty, blue/light, pink/partner).

  • Our climbing park is therefore not only suitable for athletes, but also for children and seniors.

  • The design of the climbing park reliably avoids the accumulation of dust in front of the stations, as it is possible to switch to other tasks at any time.

The Sky Tower, the “legendary woolly milk pig”

The Sky Tower –  High ropes course and low ropes course and climbing park in one –

The Sky-Tower is so unique that we immediately protected the concept. It is specifically designed for groups and teams, and its use can be used for team and leadership wwwelopment, company outings and incentives as well as just for fun.

Other than in our Climbing Park HöhenwegArena, the Sky-Tower can only be booked exclusively for teams or groups and is accompanied by specially trained trainers.

On 65 square metres of floor space, our Sky-Tower offers 40 climbing station team tasks with top-rope safety, clip and climb sports climbing tasks, climbing park tasks and low ropes course tasks.

Within the framework of team training, the team members secure each other. Trust, responsibility, clear communication and teamwork are the basic prerequisites for a successful implementation.

In addition to its use as a classic team high ropes course, the Sky-Tower can be used independently with a permanent safety system.

In addition, we also have a sporty variant, our “Clip and Climb Concept” in which only vertically climbs up and a safety wwwice takes over the securing.

In addition, at a height of 16m, the landing place of the adrenaline ropeway, which starts at a distance of 200m on 30m in the HöhenwegArena, is located. In order to increase the adrenaline level even more, there is a base-jump after the cable car.

Further information about our Sky-Tower can also be found in the construction and design of climbing facilities.

The team high ropes course


The high ropes course in Schneverdingen, built in 2000, was one of the first high ropes courses in Germany. In cooperation with the surrounding hotels, we have been conducting action-oriented team and management training courses here for 17 years now.

Our team high ropes course is situated in a 200 year old oak grove surrounded by coniferous forest. It is about 7 minutes walk from the Hotel Camp Reinsehlen. This location allows for an undisturbed working atmosphere. The high ropes course has 14 elements. Thirteen elements are connected to each other, but can also be used individually due to their own promotion possibilities. It is secured by a so-called Toprope fuse. This means that at least two additional persons are active for each actor in the ropes course and that the actor can leave the ropes course at any time.

More than 70 people can be active at the same time. The participants receive standardised safety equipment for the activities in the high ropes course, consisting of a chest and seat belt, 3 screw carabiners and a helmet.

Depending on the task at hand, the high ropes course can be used as a medium for factual and/or relationship topics. The tasks are selected in such a way that participants who cannot or do not want to take on alternative and equally important tasks.

Resource orientation can and should be lived here. Everyone is invited to get involved in the scope of their possibilities, to try out and support the team. This does not necessarily take place through climbing, but also through the assumption of tasks and roles, which are necessary in the sometimes very complex learning scenarios.

The high ropes course is only used exclusively for seminars and workshops.

The low rope course


The low ropes course or our team course consists of fixed and partially mobile tasks and exercises, which can only be solved together in a team. Here is a selection:

  • Spider’s web
  • Swamp
  • Mohawk Walk classic
  • Mohawk Walk modern
  • Team rocker /whale watch
  • Team-beam
  • Low V
  • Zigzag
  • Acid river

The multitude of tasks and their modification possibilities allow a design that is tailored to the current team situation.

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