The location of the HöhenwegArena

Between Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover in Schneverdingen, in the midst of a wonderful, unique forest and heathland landscape you will find us. Artificial – but in the middle of nature, our unique facility is located.

heli view

The area of the Reinsehlen camp in the Lüneburger Heide, which served until 1994 as a military training area for Canadian and British armed forces, was completely renatured after the withdrawal of the troops.

This forms the basis for our unique training, event and leisure infrastructure.

Be it that you take a raft trip in the former tank washer, watch from an airy 30-metre height from our HöhenwegArena, see what’s going on in Hamburg, play a round of boules on our sandy beach or take a bossel tour around Europe’s largest lean meadow biotope.

In the former tank washing facility there is a 2000 m² water basin with a sandy beach, which invites you to further great activities.


Accommodation and catering options for seminars can be found in the:

  • Hotel Camp Reinsehlen
  • Hotel Landhaus Höpen
  • Hotel Landhaus Schnuck

School classes are welcomed:

  • in the holiday village Schneverdingen
  • at the youth hostel in Bispingen or
  • in the youth forest home “Ehorn” in Wintermoor.
Kletterpark Höhenwegarena
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